Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) recruits Technical Officer & More Vacancies – September 02, 2014

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) invites application for the recruitment of Technical Officer & More Vacancies with MD/PhD/B.Tec/B.Sc holders

Company name : Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB)
Posts : Technical Officer & More Vacancies
Salary :  Rs.5200-67000/- P.M.
No of Post : 07
Location : Thiruvananthapuram
Last date to apply : 25.09.2014

Details of Post :

Technical Officer & More Vacancies

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) invites applications for the following four Faculty Scientist positions, one Technical Officer position and two Laboratory Technician positions:

  1. Scientist G in Disease Biology (Inclusive of, but not limited to programs in Cancer Research / Reproductive Biology / Neuroscience/ Chemical Biology / Tropical Disease Biology)
  2. Scale of Pay PB-4 37400-67000 Grade Pay Rs.10000/-
  3. Number of positions 1(unreserved)
  4. Age limit 50 years as on 31.08.2014

RGCB has a robust research program in basic and translational disease biology research. We seek an outstanding basic, population, or clinician scientist to work in an energetic and collegial group of scientists with a diverse array of research interests including signal transduction, biomarkers, novel therapeutic targets, bioactive drug candidates, angiogenesis, stem cells, immune response and molecular biology related to disease pathogenesis, etiology, and treatment response. The applicant should hold an MD or PhD or equivalent degree and must have a demonstrated track record of excellent research productivity as evident from substantial high quality peer-reviewed publications, the ability to perform cutting edge research and history of successful extramural funding and academic service. Significant institutional support including start-up funds, and modern laboratory space and facilities will be provided. The successful candidate will also have ample opportunities to apply for additional support funds from a number of funding mechanisms administered by various Government of India and international agencies. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills demonstrated in a team environment are essential. The position will require roughly 70% of time in leading laboratory and/or translational research work and 30% management work.

  1. Scientist EII or F in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  2. Scale of Pay PB-4 37400-67000 Grade Pay Rs.8700/- for Scientist EII and Rs.8900/- for Scientist F
  3. Number of positions 1(unreserved)
  4. Age limit 50 years as on 31.08.2014

Highly motivated and innovative individual who will pursue basic research, solve biological problems with emphasis on computational and quantitative experimental methods and build active bridges to translational research. The scientist will also provide computational biology support to ongoing research programs in disease biology, provide assistance to analyze complex data sets generated by RGCB scientists and collaborators inclusive of including high dimensional “omics” data and next generation sequencing data, such as whole genome, exome, RNA-seq and ChIP-seq as well as provide leadership for high quality training for junior scientists and regular teaching programs of the institute. Areas of research of interest to RGCB include but are not limited to computational, systems, or quantitative biology with applications to cell biology, developmental biology, metabolism, genomics, proteomics, biophysics, biological information systems, network pharmacology, drug design and cancer research. The scientist’s responsibilities include efforts for the integration of DNA variant annotation with statistical genetic analysis methods including linkage, imputation and association methods, adopting novel and innovative methodologies to analyze, integrate and interpret high dimensional data sets, provision of annotation to robust genetics and genomics findings using several data sources and methods, data management of exploratory clinical and R&D studies in partnership with other lines of genetic data generated from internal and external studies, delivery and documentation of genomic information to support genetic studies, ensuring high-quality genetic and genomic data is incorporated into exploratory- clinical research programs, developing tools that make maximum use of multiple data sources to support annotation of DNA variation and contributes to systems biology initiatives within RGCB.

  1. Scientist E-1 or E-II (Cancer Research – with special emphasis on Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Research).
  2. Scale of Pay : PB-3 15600-39100 Grade Pay Rs.7600/- for Scientist EI and PB-4 37400-67000 Grade Pay Rs.8700/- for Scientist EII
  3. Number of positions 1(unreserved)
  4. Age limit 50 years as on 31.08.2014

RGCB has an excellent HPV research facility funded by the International Agency for Research Against Cancer (IARC) and the European Union to understand the role of the virus in disease pathogenesis and immune response to different doses of approved HPV vaccines. This facility is also a major service provider to international and national clients working on newer HPV vaccines and large molecular epidemiological studies. The facility can also cater for studies on analysis of responses to other vaccines such as those for influenza, measles, hepatitis, etc. The selected candidate will run and manage this facility and exhibit good potential for significantly advancing discoveries on the role of HPV in cancer. 
This position provides an exceptional opportunity to participate in robust, interdisciplinary basic and translational research opportunity in a highly collaborative atmosphere. The appointed faculty will provide leadership for conducting cancer related HPV research including development of newer assays for serology & genotying of the virus, development of point of care devices, high quality molecular epidemiology studies and other genomic and proteomic based studies on the virus related tumorigenesis. The successful candidate will be a recognized investigator, established in his/her field, with a PhD or MD degree and a track record of independent research, demonstrated by high quality publications in peer-reviewed journals and extramural funding commensurate with years of experience. Dedicated laboratory space and start up operating funds will be made available.

  1. Service Scientist E1 in Veterinary Medicine & Molecular Diagnostics.
  2. Scale of Pay PB-3 15600-39100 Grade Pay Rs.7600/-
  3. Number of positions 1(unreserved)
  4. Age limit 50 years as on 31.07.2014

RGCB invites applications for a tenure-track position as a Service Scientist in Veterinary Medicine & Diagnostics for a RGCB initiative on Bio-preparedness for Infectious Diseases (BPID). The BPID initiative is a key program in the RGCB Tropical Health Biology Program and is a comprehensive interdisciplinary effort in infectious diseases, bio-defence and public health preparedness. As part of this dynamic program, the successful candidate is expected to provide trans-disciplinary research services, and education in development of animal laboratory studies in mice through non-human primates, aerobiology studies, molecular diagnostic services, mechanism of action studies using novel genomic & proteomic technologies, testing & evaluating new therapeutics & vaccines for the prevention and treatment of highly infectious pathogens, testing & evaluating therapeutics in established and novel small animal models as well as using blood-based molecular profiling technologies to investigate novel correlates of protection or correlates of efficacy. In addition, the candidate will be expected to facilitate interaction with the various state and central agencies on animal health. Candidates must have primary degree(s) in Veterinary Sciences and a PhD with documented experience in areas suggested above.





Scientist E-II MD or PhD Eight to ten years Post Doctoral experience plus peer reviewed high impact publications both as First or Corresponding Author and as co-author in multi-centric studies.
Scientist F MD or PhD Ten to thirteen years Post Doctoral experience plus peer reviewed high impact publications as First or Corresponding Author and as co-author in multi-centric studies.
Scientist G MD or PhD At least thirteen years Post Doctoral experience plus peer reviewed publications with high impact factors as First or Corresponding Author and as co-author in multi-centric studies.



Service Scientist E-1 PhD Six to nine years in Veterinary Laboratory Medicine and/or Pathology, Clinical Chemistry-Biochemistry and/or Molecular Diagnostics with teaching and research experience in laboratory medicine and molecular diagnostics

*The Screening and Selection Committees will make decisions on the track records of applicants including publications.


Scientist E I


Basic Pay: 21900/-

7600 38600 68100
Scientist E II

PB-4: 37400-67000

Basic Pay: 37400/-

8700 58520 104620
Scientist F

PB-4: 37400-67000

Basic Pay: 40200/-

8900 62120 111220
Scientist G

PB-4: 37400-67000

Basic Pay: 43000/-

10000 77600 130600


Other Allowances include, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance and Transport Allowance
Yearly Increase in salary is calculated as Basic Pay increase by 3% and corresponding increase in Dearness Allowance as per orders issued by the Govt. of India.
For outstanding candidates, the selection committee may recommend up to five additional increments at selection.


Level 1 Screening
An Institutional Screening Committee (ISC) will be determine whether the applicant meets minimum prescribed qualifications for the advertised scientist position at RGCB. Ineligible applicants without these needed minimum qualifications will be rejected and no further correspondence will be sent to them. Applications shortlisted after the Level I screening by the ISC will be sent for Level 2 screening.

Level 2 Screening
A Faculty Screening Committee (FSC) will analyze the applications forwarded to it by the ISC after Level 1 screening. Level 2 screening includes detailed review of the applicant’s credentials, publications, achievements, etc. Applicants may also be invited to give a seminar at RGCB. The FSC will decide in which grade the applicant can be considered and forward such recommendations to the Scientist Selection Committee (SSC). The Chairman of the Faculty Screening Committee will be a member of the SSC.

Final Selection Procedures
The SSC will or its individual members will speak to applicants personally, go over their plans and ideas with them and understand their long-term career goals. They will also assess the applicant’s value to the development of RGCB and its R&D programs. The selection committee will also hold direct discussions with the shortlisted applicants either in person or through video conferencing. The SSC will take the final decision on whether to advice the institute to make an offer to the applicant and if so which grade of scientist is to be offered. The institute will then make a final administrative decision on this.

  1. Technical Officer (Data, Web and Information Management)
  2. Scale of Pay PB-2 9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4600/-
  3. Number of positions 1(unreserved)
  4. Age limit 30 years as on 31.08.2014

The job tasks for the position are inclusive of but not limited to:

  1. Implement web site security measures, such as firewalls or message encryption
  2. Test issues such as system integration, performance, and system security on a regular schedule or after any major program modifications
  3. Administer internet/intranet infrastructure, including components such as web, file transfer protocol (FTP), news and mail servers
  4. Set up or maintain monitoring tools on web servers or web sites.
  5. Collaborate with development and scientific teams to discuss, analyze, or resolve usability issues
  6. Test new software packages for use in web operations or other applications
  7. Back up or modify applications and related data to provide for disaster recovery
  8. Develop web site performance metrics
  9. Implement updates, upgrades, and patches in a timely manner to limit loss of service
  10. Test new software packages for use in web operations or other applications
  11. Inform web site users of problems, problem resolutions or application changes and updates
  12. Test backup or recovery plans regularly and resolve any problems
  13. Install or configure web server software or hardware to ensure that directory structure is well-defined, logical, secure, and that files are named properly
  14. Collaborate with development teams to discuss, analyze, or resolve usability issues
  15. Set up or maintain monitoring tools on web servers or web sites
  16. Drive improving operational efficiency (including project request process, request templates, content management process and infrastructure)
  17. Manage web production schedule to support marketing campaigns, product launches, promotions and content updates
Regularly reports to the senior management covering key web statistics

The skills required for the position include but are not limited to:

  1. Creative, flexible, and innovative team player
  2. Versatility, flexibility, and a willingness to work within constantly changing priorities
  3. Strong organizational, problem-solving, and analytical skills
  4. Excellent customer service skills
  5. Satisfactory physical condition to perform the duties required
  6. Flexibility to meet schedule and skill requirements of the job
  7. Strong ability to write and verbally communicate effectively
  8. Proven ability to handle multiple projects that meet deadlines


  1. B.Tech. in Computer Science/IT with first class from a Government recognized institution.
  2. A total of 5 years web operations or web project management experience in reputed organization, of which 2 years must be in a State or Central Government life science or bio-medical research institute.
  3. Strong communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills.
  4. Proven record of working effectively with cross functional teams (includes scientific, creative and analytics) and vendors.
  5. Proven ability to work under deadlines and juggle multiple projects.
  6. Strong organization skills.
  7. Experience with driving websites or web user experience improvement projects.
  8. Solid understanding of standard web & mobile technologies (web server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP. NET).
  9. Familiar with web analytics concepts (conversion funnel, campaign tracking) & tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, Crazyegg).
  10. Experience in Visual studio, Photoshop, Google Webmaster tool, Google Website Optimizer.


PB-2: 9300-34800 Basic Pay: 12540/- 4600 22168 39308


  1. Laboratory Technician (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Tissue Culture)
  2. Scale of Pay PB-1 5200-20200 Grade Pay Rs.2800/-
  3. Number of positions 2 (unreserved)
  4. Age limit 30 years as on 31.08.2014


  1. First Class Bachelor’s Degree in Science with two years documented working experience in laboratories involved with the use of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Tissue Culture in State or Central Government research institutions.
  2. The applicant must have well documented working experience in maintaining mammalian cells, operating diverse imaging devices such as fluorescent & confocal microscopes and tissue processing for immunobiological techniques. The person will also be responsible for operation and preventive maintenance of equipments such as incubators, autoclaves, microscopes, Bio safety hoods, Water purifications systems.
  3. The applicant is expected to have documented experience in basic molecular biology techniques. The job includes proper collection & storage of biological samples for diverse downstream processing requirements, isolation of RNA, DNA & protein from biological samples including clinical samples, its quantification, analysis by gel electrophoresis, PCR & other techniques. The person is also responsible for overall maintenance of laboratory safety and biosafety procedures involved in a cell/molecular biology laboratory and data storage.
  4. The applicant must have adequate documented experience in maintaining a tissue culture laboratory with expertise in sterile maintenance of laboratory and laboratory equipments such as microscopes, carbon dioxide incubators, live cell incubation chambers, Bio safety hoods, Centrifuges, Autoclaves, Water purification systems, etc. The job involves preparation   of media, primary cell culture, large scale expansion, storage and distribution of cells, setting up of imaging experiments using microscope and frequent decontamination procedures.
  5. The applicant must have documented experience in collecting and processing various biological specimens for laboratory research purposes; maintaining laboratory documents and keeping detailed logs of all work-related activities; maintaining an inventory of specimens, chemicals, and supplies for experimentation; cleaning, maintaining, and preparation of supplies and raw materials for work areas; processing orders, indents or invoices and undertaking clerical and simple accounting.


PB-1: 5200-20200 Basic Pay: 8560 2800 15232 26592


General Conditions/ Instructions

  1. The number of positions in each code is provisional and may increase at the time of selection; if more numbers of positions with identical job requirements become available at the time of selection or within one year after the selection, these positions may also be filled from among the list of shortlisted candidates.
  2. The Director, RGCB reserves right to not fill the post advertised.
  3. Relaxations and concessions will be in accordance with the RGCB Rules and Regulations. Relaxation in age, educational qualifications and/ or experience will be considered in case of outstanding candidates and/ or persons already holding analogous positions in Government Scientific Organizations/Research Institutions.
  4. The candidates must be citizens of India.
  5. Application form can be downloaded from the institute website. There is no application fee.
  6. Merely fulfilling the requirements in the advertisement will not automatically entitle any candidate to be called for interview. The applications received will be scrutinized and candidates who in the opinion of the institute are likely to be suitable will be shortlisted for calling for interview. The decision of the institute in all these matters will be final. No interim enquiries/ correspondence/ communication of any sort will be entertained in the matter.
  7. In the case of applications for scientific positions, the Screening and Selection Committees will make appropriate decision on total and individual impact factors in relation to the overall application, research areas and needs of the institute. The decision of the institute in all these matters will be final. No interim enquiries/ correspondence/communication of any sort will be entertained in the matter.
  8. Persons working in Central Government/Central Government Autonomous Bodies shall submit their applications through proper channel. They may, however, send an advance copy of the application along with enclosures as required. Those who are unable to forward their application through proper channel may submit no objection certificate (NOC) from their employer at the time of selection interview, if shortlisted. Without this NOC, the applicant will not be allowed to attend the selection interview.
  9. Canvassing in any manner would entail disqualification of the candidature
  10. Incomplete applications or applications without copies of certificates or applications received after the last date will be rejected.

How to apply :

Applications with resume/curriculum vitae and attested copies of all necessary certificates, experience certificates and other supporting documents may be submitted to the DIRECTOR, RAJIV GANDHI CENTRE FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY, POOJAPPURA, THYCAUD P.O, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM 695014 or through email to on or before September 25, 2014. Applications sent by post must have on the envelope, the name of the position applied for.

Important dates to remember :

Last date to apply : 25.09.2014

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